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Zehava Masser's work is about the soil and the land. She is fascinated by the permanence of the soil, the impermanence of the objects she finds therein, and the materials she uses. With her keen eye and soul she finds inspiration wherever she goes. The rocks, the sands of desert and sea, the trees she has planted, and those she wants to plant but fears will be uprooted, all are painted tenderly and lovingly. Although abstract, her paintings are easy for us to comprehend as we recognize in them both their and our ancient origins. An uncompromising professional, she has a delicate touch and an extraordinary sense of composition. Her paintings are subtle designs with compelling combinations of textures and colors. Masser is a mature, confident, and consistent artist. Her work has a strong, comforting presence; often it feels like an abstraction of ancient Japanese art translated into contemporary language. She lures us into it with a whisper.

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